Link an Autocal to a V2

Before you can use an Autocal to flash a controller you will need to link it with your FlashScan. 

Connect both your FlashScan and the target Autocal to one computer.

Start EFILive Explorer.

If you see the "EFILive Connection Controller" message appear in the lower right corner of the screen, click it.

If the EFILive Control Panel does not appear, you need to find it. In the lower right corner of your computers screen is a clock and some small icons, one of those icons should be a tiny picture of a FlashScan. Right click that tiny FlashScan and choose show.

One you find the EFILive Control Panel, click on the "F7: Licensing" button.

In the upper right corner of that page you'll see the "Link FlashScan and Autocal" box.

Click the Link button and the 2 devices will be linked. This is a one time irreversible process. Once an Autocal has been linked to a FlashScan it will be linked forever.

Once this process is done you may use the Autocal to flash tunes that are made by choosing the "Save tuning file for remote flashing" option on the File menu of the EFILive V7.5 tune tool.