USB Driver Solutions

EFILive's® USB driver can cause one of two very uncommon problems:

  1. The tune tool hangs when you start it if your FlashScan is plugged in to your computer and then finishes loading as soon as you unplug it.
  2. Your computer blue screens (BSOD) when you plug in your FlashScan or won't start if your FlashScan is plugged in.

Both of these problems are commonly caused by a conflict between your computer and EFILive's® USB drivers. Most computers seem to like the old drivers, a few running 64 bit W7 seem to like the new ones.  In order to make solving this problem easy, EFILive® comes with a tool so you may easily change between them. Starting with V7.5 build 180 and V8 build 170, EFILive® installs the older drivers which seem to work for the majority of users.  If you're using a build prior to those and you have the first problem you'll likely need to install the older drivers. If you're using those builds or a later one and you have the second problem, you'll probably need to install the newer drivers.

You'll need to run the EFILive® USB Manager and follow these directions:

  • The tool is in one of these locations:
    1. Start => Program Files => EFILive => V8 => Tools => EFILive USB Manager
    2. Start => Program Files => EFILive => V8 => EFILive USB Manager
  • Navigate through the start menu until you find the EFILive® USB Manager
  • Right click on EFILive® USB Manager and choose Run as administrator.  If Run as administrator is not there, just choose Run.
  • Say Yes or OK to the "Do you want to allow this program" dialog box that pops up
  • Make sure your EFILive® FlashScan cable is not plugged into your computer
  • Click the large Uninstall USB Drivers button and wait for the process to finish
  • Now click the appropriate Install USB button, 2.02.04 if you have the hanging problem and 2.04.08 if you have the blue screen problem.
  • After a moment you will be told the drivers are ready.
  • Plug in your FlashScan and you should see a drivers are installing message.
  • Test to see that the problem is fixed. If not, start over and choose the other drivers.

If you get a message that the USB manager does not have permission, than you'll need to start over and make sure you correctly choose, Run as administrator.