Spare Parts

          We stock the following spare parts for sale:

    • 2 pin orange connectors (for a V2 or a V1) $3.20/each (plus shipping)
    • 3 pin orange connectors (for a V1) $3.80/each (plus shipping)
    • We also have spare knobs and set screws, switch nuts and washers and even allen wrenches
    • How about various pins crimped to about 8 inches of wire? Yup, we have those. $3/each plus shipping
    • V1 OBD II cables (sorry, no V2 OBD II cables left) $19/each (plus shipping)
    • Thermocouples




2 pin orange connectors (for a V2 or a V1)


3 pin orange connectors (for a V1)


Aluminum Knurled Knob

We also stock wires with pins pre attached. 8" of wire with a pin properly attached and the other end partially stripped making for easy replacement. We will also make custom wires with pins in any quantity, color and length, price and delivery on request.
We stock spare nuts and washers for our switches, if you need extras or you just misplaced something.
While digging around in the closet we uncovered these treasures. Possibly the last remaining V1 OBDII cables in existence. Get them before they are gone as when we run out there won't be any more.
And another box contained a bunch of thermocouples like these.