Spare Parts

We stock the following spare parts for sale:

    • Spare knobs and set screws, switch nuts and washers and even allen wrenches
    • Extra positaps and connectors
    • How about various pins crimped to about eight inches of wire? Yup, we have those!
    • 2 pin orange connectors (for a V2 or a V1)
    • 3 pin orange connectors (for a V1)
IMPORTANT INFO: For orders outside of the US, please contact us for shipping info as paypal does not calculate this correctly. Shipping prices are only for the US.

PLEASE NOTE: We may ship small replacement parts via USPS. There is no tracking or guaranteed date of delivery using this method so thank you for your patience!

Our made-in-the-USA aluminum knurled knob is so nice you might want an extra (or two).

Aluminum Knurled Knob

Positaps! Use these positaps for Ford Universals, EcoDiesels, etc. etc.

Small Red Positaps

Cummins/Titan Connector for EZ LYNK switches (2010-2018)

Cummins/Titan Connector

Ford 2-pin Connector These fit our tan/white Ford 2-pin switches for 2011-2014

Ford 2-pin Connector

Ford 5-pin Connector These are for our orange/tan Ford 5-pin 2015-2019 switches

Ford 5 Pin Connector

Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Connector These fit our Green/White, Red/Red and Blue/Blue CAC Switches

Charge Air Cooler

LML EGR Temp Connector

FSP Connector (Tan/Blue Switches) For use with tuning by Duramaxtuner (Calibrated Power) or MotorOps
We also stock wires with pins pre attached. Approximately 8" of wire with a pin properly attached and the other end partially stripped making for easy replacement. $3/each. We will also make custom wires with pins in any quantity, color and length, price and delivery on request.
Left to right Ford 2-pin (tan w/seal) Charge Air Cooler (green w/seal) Ford 5-pin (orange) Cummins/Titan (red) for EZ LYNK LBZ/LMM (gray) LLY (purple) LML (yellow) LB7 (blue)

Wires with Pins

We stock spare nuts and washers for our switches, if you need extras or you just misplaced something. Fish Guts! An assortment of washers, nuts, springs, ball bearings and set screws to fit all of our switches.

Link to our YouTube page for video on how to replace ball bearings and springs CLICK HERE


Baby Fish Guts! Did you or your customer lose/drop a washer or a nut? We have you covered...

Link to our YouTube page for video on how to replace ball bearings and springs CLICK HERE

Baby Fish Guts