CSP5 Switch

Our CSP5 switch has a replacement OBD II connector for a cleaner, stock-looking install. It is compatible with both MM3 and EFILive® tuning. It currently covers 2006-2018 Cummins (for EFILive® 2018 you will need our 2018-2019 Cummins Bypass Cable in order to flash the vehicle).

Helpful info: Our CSP5 switch has an orange/yellow LED light on the back and says "Fish Tuning" on the cable and circuit board. Our newest switch has five pins, not the four pictured below.

Please contact us at orders@fishtuning.com or (310) 499-0989 for more information.

All our CSP5 switches come with a small Ty-Wrap:

...Which allows you to add some strain relief to the cable helping to keep the cable from breaking or coming unplugged after installation.