EZ LYNK® Ford, Cummins/Titan and LML Switches

Our Ford, Cummins/Titan and LML switches are for EZ LYNK® tunes (and Ford works with SCT). They all come with the same aluminum knurled knob, 1-5 decal, allen wrench and split loom tubing for installation as our regular DSP5 switches.

Part Number: FTKnob

Each of our regular switches (except keylocks and DSP2s) come with our made-in-the-USA aluminum knurled knob, decal, allen wrench and drilling template

Part Number: FTDSP5LML

Our LML switches are yellow and black with special LML pins (do NOT use LLY as they are not correct). HOWEVER: if you are using tuning by either Duramaxtuner or Motor Ops, please contact us for alternate switch options for the later years (blue/white)

Troubleshooting Switch Tips

Part Number: FTFordU

Our Universal Ford switches are orange and white and come with two positap connectors for installation. NOTE: These switches are NOT intended for use with EFILive® tunes. However, they work with EZ LYNK® as well as SCT.
Troubleshooting Switch Tips

Part Number: FTFord2PIN
Our new plug-and-play Ford EZ LYNK® and SCT switches have two options: tan and white 2-pin for 2011-2014
The current version:
The old version, stopped shipping sometime in 2020 or before:
Part Number: FTFord5PIN
Our orange and tan Ford 5-pin for 2015-2019
Part Number: FTFord2008-2010
Ford 6.4 2008-2010 plug and play (white/white)
Part Number: FTCummins/Titan
  • We now offer a Cummins/Titan EZ LYNK® switch. This red, white and black switch has three wires (and three pins) plus special connectors.
Part Number: FTTan/Blue
Special Blue/Tan Ford switches for MotorOps and Calibrated Power