Installing your Dual CP3 Controller

Installing your new Dual CP3 controller is quite simple.

  1. Unplug the connector from the original CP3 and plug in into the matching connector on the end of the "Y" cable.
  2. Plug the remaining connector on the "Y" cable into the original CP3.
  3. Figure out where to mount the controller. The cooler it stays, the better, so in front of the motor up high zip tied to some part of the loom or the cold hose to the air conditioner compressor. Before you attach it make sure the cables to the second CP3 and power reache and can be routed neatly.
  4. Plug the remaining connector into the second CP3
  5. Attach the black wire to a good ground. 
  6. Attach the red wire to a 12V supply that is always on. If you connect it to a switched 12V supply, you will see rail pressure spikes every time you turn the engine off.
  7. Please use the included fuse holder if possible. We've included two 5 Amp fuses so you have a spare, but in theory, the fuse should never blow. If you don't like that style of fuse holder, feel free to supply your own.
  8. Make sure the wires are routed so they will not chafe or contact a pulley or belt.