2018+ Cummins Bypass Cable Installation

1. Twist the supplied wires so that there is at least one twist every two inches.

2. Carefully, remove the OBDII connector from the dash by depressing the two locking tabs on the side of the connector.

3. Remove the two grey pin retainers from the back of the connector.

4. One at a time, remove & replace the pins from locations 6 & 14. The wire colors should correspond closely to the supplied harness. A 1.5mm wide flat terminal release tool works well.

5. Reinstall the two grey pin retainers.

6. Locate the green “star” connector above the parking brake. Plug the harness into an empty socket on this connector.

Star Connector (Front View)

7. Cover & insulate the exposed pins removed from the OBDII connector.

8. Reinstall the OBDII connector into the factory location.

NOTE: We have heard you can use this Bypass Cable on EZ LYNK tuning 2018 if you change tire size.

Huge THANK YOU to Kyle Ensley at X-Ploit Diesel Performance for letting us use his instructions.