Scan and Tune

The EFILive Scan and Tune Tool enables you to take all the information you've learned about your car or truck and optimize its tune. Tune almost every possible aspect of your engines ECM. This includes fuel, spark, automatic transmission shift tables, disabling annoying trouble codes, correcting for different tires and gears and much more. For diesels you can change fuel, timing, boost and anything else the wizards of EFILive can find. The tuning tool is easy to use-locating and modifying the necessary tables is a breeze. And as you'd expect in a professional tool of this caliber, all of the tables and settings you'll need to tune your car are provided, including a series of free custom tunes for most 2001 and up cars. These custom tunes support things like:

    • Boosted applications - Replace the stock 1 bar sensor with a 2 or 3 bar GM sensor with no loss of VE table resolution
    • Valet mode - Lets you add a hidden switch that limits the RPM or MPH
    • MAF less operation - Run in Speed Density mode for absolute control over fuel
    • Dual spark map - Keeps adaptive spark control operational even after MAF is removed.

And for most 1999 or 2000 year cars, all you need to do to take advantage of the features afforded by the custom tunes is replace your OS with a compatible 2001 custom OS.