Install your 5 pin Ford SOTF Switch

Please note: these pics show our OLD Ford 5 pin switch! The new one installs the same but looks different (no brown grommets and wires have a gray seal crimped before the terminal pins). Place the seals in the three holes as shown and then place the two wires in the remaining holes. It does not matter which wire goes in which hole. The seals should be pressed flush after you're done. I left them slightly up to make it easier to see.

Install the pins oriented with the open or crimp side facing out like this:

Gently press them in. Make sure the pin goes through the small hole on the other side and press until the pin clicks into place. Hold the wire as close to the rubber seal as possible while pressing. Do not press too hard or you might hurt something. If it won't click and just pulls back out, pry out the rubber seal and try pushing the pin the last tiny bit with a needlenose piiers holding the pin like this. Make sure the pin is through the seal the correct way and that you put the pin in the correct hole. Removing the installed pins without breaking the connector is quite tricky:

If that still doesn't work, please call us at (310) 499-0989 and we'll help you solve the problem. Sometimes these pins can be very hard to snap in.